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Hi there, thanks for stopping in! I’m Kristen– owner of Earshot Productions, an LLC I started in 2010 when I thought I might go into podcast producing. My first job out of journalism school was at an all-news radio station in Fresno, California (KMPH) where I developed an appreciation for great sound in storytelling. Years later I was looking to return to those roots, but life has a way of taking us in other directions, no?

I spent a few years writing and producing news at CBS4 in Denver, Colorado where I learned how to match words with visuals. I won my first two regional Emmy Awards working on a syndicated children’s show produced in the station and called News For Kids, before moving to Los Angeles where I resumed work as a TV news writer and special projects producer for KNBC. LA is such a great place to chase dreams. I took several screenwriting classes at USC and the American Film Institute where I developed a screenplay based on a true Gangster Era story I still hope to see on the big screen one day.

Motherhood took me in a vastly different direction, giving me the opportunity to connect with amazing women who were passionate about great parenting. From LA we moved to Connecticut for a whirlwind 18 months and then back to Colorado where I have family and longtime friends.

I had always dreamed about writing for a newspaper and in 2010 won the chance to become a freelance opinion writer for The Denver Post through the Colorado Voices program. I learned how to write opinions and advocate for causes. Gratifying and great fun!

After several years of communications work, promotional writing and event planning for a variety of clients including an artisan bakery, a scientific company, a real estate firm, a mega church, an edibles cannabis maker, a couple of nonprofits and a farmer’s group, I decided to go back to school.

Now as a single mother with two teenage sons, I am working to earn a Masters degree in Marketing at Denver University. I am fascinated with storytelling for brands, helping shape positive customer experiences and collaborating as a team member on campaigns to create artful and meaningful content for audiences across multiple channels.

Maybe you and I can put our heads together and create something awesome soon!